I will personally teach you step-by-step…

“How To Easily Create And Sell Digital Information Products Without Writing A Single Word Or Facing The Camera"​

Discover How To Create Your Own Info-Products From Scratch Even if You're a Beginner


Dear Friend,
If you’d like to discover how to make money online from home, escape your 9-5 job and be your own boss…

…then this will be the most important message you ever read!

Here’s what this is all about.

I’ve been creating and selling Information Products for 2 years now. All from home, nakapambahay, and working just few hours a day.

An information product (info-product) is typically a digital product comes in different types like eBook, video trainings, membership sites, etc…  that provides data and information to fulfill a specific purpose or solve a problem.

In short, solusyon sa problema.  

One of my info-product has made over P140,000 in sales in just a short period of time, without writing a single word or facing the camera!

And in this letter, I’ll show you how you too can make money selling information products…

But first, let me tell you why info-products are the perfect
product to sell
on the web.

Well, just consider the advantages over every other type of product being sold online today:

Most importantly, since more and more people are now using devices like
mobile phone, iPad, and tablets.

..…there is a continuous flood of new customers.

Again, there are now 4.66 BILLION people online.

You’re crazy if you don’t 
take advantage of this golden opportunity!

How I Discovered This Highly Profitable and Low-Risk Business

Somewhere in 2017, I read the book of Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

In his book, he said that the rich get richer through BusinessInvestments,
and Real Estate.

Since I don’t have money to invest in real estate, I started a sari-sari store
business while employed.

Pero dahil bago lang ako sa ganung klaseng negosyo, hindi nagtagal ay nalugi ito at nagsara.

Ang malala pa ay nabaon ako sa utang.

...But I didn't stop.

Alam ko na may iba pang paraan.

Kaya hindi ako tumigil….

I read self-help and entrepreneurship books to keep me motivated.


Attend live webinars and events.

And met like minded people.

Then one day, while I was sitting in front of my computer...

…I asked myself.

“Why do I keep buying and reading books?”

Why do I pay to attend someone’s webinar or live events?”

And that’s the time I realized something…

It's simple, because I want to find a solution to my problem.

Naisip ko…

Bakit hindi nalang ako magbenta ng mga information products?

Dahil alam ko hindi lang ako yung taong willing na magbayad kapalit ng mga informations na matututunan ko.

So what I did was I searched for Digital Info-Products and I sold them online.

I didn’t write or record anything.

Ang ginawa ko lang ay naghanap ako ng PLR (Private Label Rights) website kung saan ay maaari kong angkinin 100% ang digital product na gawa ng iba, easy! (Ituturo ko rin sa’yo yan).

Pero sa totoo lang, when I’m doing it, I’m not sure if someone is going to buy it.

Why? Well, all informations are free for anyone over the web right?

Pero sabi ko sa sarili ko… “Well, what do I have to lose”?

So I launched my info-product shop around 11:45 p.m. of July 4, 2019.

When I woke up 5:30 a.m. the following day, had a good breakfast, fire up my

And to my surprise…

…one customer bought my product that day!

Here’s the screenshot.

The question is, what kind of Info-Products did I sell?

Today, I’d like to share with you the “secret sauce“!

The kind of information that is the easiest to sell and people are willing to pay for.

Are you ready?

The easiest to sell are “How To” information.

Topics like…

“How To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt”
“How To Improve Writing Skills”
“How To Potty Train Your Child”
“How To Approach Women”
“How To Make Money Online”

Why are these easiest to sell? 

Because this kind of information is a solution to a specific problem.

The last time I typed the words “how to” into Google, the search returned 17.1
billion results!

That’s right … 17.1 billion … not million.


Because people are hungry for information.

No doubt, you too can make a lot of money in this business so you can quit your job and be your own boss.

"But Clint, I can't write, camera shy din ako, and I'm not good in English."

Listen, most of the info-products that I sold and currently selling, I didn’t write or record any of them.

You know, thousands of freelance writers that can help you research and write the book for a very affordable fee.

In fact, you can hire someone to write one-page article for as low as 200 Pesos.

Or, You can buy a PLR product and claim 100% ownership of it!

That’s why I love this Internet business.

It’s so easy to create a product that you can sell and make money while you sleep.

How much money you can make?

Well, since you’re selling over the Internet, you can sell to anyone from anywhere in the world.

Sobrang laki ng market mo.

The best thing about this business is not only you’ll make a lot of money but you’re also helping a lot of people to solve their problems, save them time,
and improve their lives.

The principle I learned from a great business philosopher Mr. Zig Ziglar.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

The fact is, there are now 4.66 Billion active internet users worldwide and they’re searching for information on the Internet.

Plus, people now spend more time online because of their mobile devices.

Kaibigan, it’s time to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity before everyone starts this kind of business.

Now, pay attention.

If you’re seriously looking for a solid and profitable online business, a business that will triple your income, replace your job, and without a big investment, I have good news for you.

If you’ll qualify as one of my student in my mentoring program, I’ll reveal to
you step-by-step how I create and sell information product for fun and profit.

I’ll hand you my blueprint.

"A Golden Opportunity You Don't Want To Miss"

I’m looking for serious students that I will mentor personally to become a
successful Internet entrepreneur selling information products like an e-book or a video course.

I developed a “for serious people only” mentoring program called…”Pandemic-Proof Business Masterclass” or PPBM for short.

It is an exclusive mentoring program for aspiring Filipino online entrepreneurs who would like to start their own profitable, sustainable and pandemic-proof Internet Business.

Listen up: If you’re looking for a business that doesn’t require a lot of capital and that you can run part-time from home, this is it.

This is the perfect business that you’ve been waiting for.

Even if you’re clueless how this business works, don’t worry.

I’ll teach you EXACTLY, step-by-step, how to start an Internet business from scratch.

The business that made me quit my job, made a lot of money, and become financially secure.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not good in a computer or you’re not good in English writing.

PPBM was designed for people with “zero knowledge” about online business and with limited computer skills.

People that would like to start a business but they don’t know where and how to start.

Jay Gregorio
Jay GregorioBusiness Coach
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I'm so blessed and thankful na nakilala ko si Coach Kelvin Clint Quinto. I highly recommended for those people na gusto mag-simula sa digital marketing business para magkaroon ka ng clarity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! 🙂
Mark Chimerus Hitsugaya
Mark Chimerus HitsugayaEntrepreneur
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Ayus yan si Coach Kelvin Clint Quinto. Cool na cool mag turo. Madami ako'ng natutunan sa kanya tungkol sa Digital Marketing, kung pano gumawa ng EBook, at iba't ibang stratehiya pag dating sa online business. I-momotivate ka ni sir para inspirado ka na maging epektibong entrepreneur para araw-araw panalo ka. Sobrang knowledgeable ni coach sa Digital Info-Products at lahat ishe-share nya para matuto estudyante nya. Kahit busy si sir at maraming ginagawa, dedicated at passionate yan si coach sa trabahong ginagalawan nya. Bawat tanong sasagutin ni sir at pag may hindi ka alam i-aasist ka ni sir kahit anong oras tutulungan ka.
Div Ervo Lervos
Div Ervo Lervos Entrepreneur
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Maraming matutunan pag sya ang coach nyo at napaka bait sigurado sa unang araw palang pag sunundan mo na ang mga naituro nya sigurado ay ma apply mo kaagad sasarili mo ang mga tinuturo nya hindi katulad ng iba kaya nererekomenda ko si coach Kelvin Clint Quinto.Salamat po coach.

What if the only thing preventing you from finally achieving your income, business, and life goals is NOT having a coach?

You’ve probably had this experience sometime before, you attended a seminar, read a book, or watched a YouTube video and felt fired up with so
many great ideas in your head…ready to change your life!

But soon found yourself overwhelmed to the point of being frozen.

Unable to put your new ideas to work, unsure of what direction to take.

Having a coach eliminates this frustration.

If you have questions. They are answered.

If you need motivation, you’ve got it.

I will push you to test your limits and achieve far more than you ever thought you were capable of achieving.

I’ll be there with you, guiding you, coaching you to success in every area of your internet business.

So if you’re ready…

Here's How You Can Get Personal Mentoring...

I will train you through a series of pre-recorded webinars that you can watch anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

If “webinar” is a new word for you, a webinar is simply a presentation, lecture, or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.

Just like watching YouTube videos but you can interact and ask me any questions.

To attend, all you need is a computer and Internet connection. No need for a fancy video camera.

And through these mind-opening webinars, I’ll reveal to you EXACTLY how I started from ZERO to HERO in Info-Product Business.

You can also ASK ME ANYTHING you want to know about selling digital products like e-books, audio program, video courses, and even coaching business.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn: 

MODULE 1: Creating Your Own Info-Product

In this video, you will learn…

MODULE 2: Building Proper Website Structure

In this video, you’ll discover…

MODULE 3: Marketing Your Info-Product

In this video, I’ll reveal to you…

MODULE 4: Repeat and Scale

In this video, you’ll learn…

There's more… You'll also get access to this valuable resources and support group.

  • Lifetime Access To All my Online Courses – Get access to all of my current and future online courses.
  • Sales Letter Template – Done For You sales letter template for your digital product of any niche. 
  • Exclusive Group Chat On Messenger – Students only group chat for support. Need faster response for your questions? Simply leave a message on our exclusive group chat on messenger.
  • Free Membership To PRIVATE Mastermind Group – You can meet my brightest students and other aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs, just like you, through my private Facebook group. Being part of this group is like having a family where they help and encourage each other to succeed.
    You can ask questions and get answers in an INSTANT!
  • 2 – Hr One-on-One Coaching.

    I Will Conduct A 1x 2-hr One-on-One Coaching exclusive for my students only.

    This is my way of helping YOU along your business journey on building your online business.

    You can ask me anything you need to know, as often as you want, and I’ll give you my expert advice based on my years of experience as an Internet entrepreneur.

But before I go on let me ask you this…

Are you seriously committed to succeeding?

Seryosong usapan.

Do you really have a burning desire to experience financial independence?

A life where the money will never be a problem again?

A life where your kid’s future and your retirement are all secured?

I’m sorry if I have to ask you this…pero kung hindi ka committed at puro ka
lang kwento, you’re not qualified for my mentoring program. Leave this website

But if you say… “Yes Clint, I’m committed to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur
then I’m inviting you to join my Exclusive coaching program.

How Much To Enroll In This Program?

By now, you must be excited to enroll in this program and start making serious money online.

But before I jump into the details…let’s compare a traditional business like a franchise vs. an info-product business that I’m sharing with you.

Let’s say a franchise business like “Potato Corner” that sells French Fries.

First, you’ll need P150,000 franchise fee.
Second, you’ll need an initial stock of P2,000.

At kung gusto mo sa magandang location, yung matao like sa mall, expect additional P25,000 per month and a P75,000 for three months security

In total, you’ll need at least P227,000 to start a traditional franchise business.

Initial expense pa lang yan ha, wala ka pang monthly operational expense tulad ng bayad sa tubig at kuryente.

No doubt, it requires you to invest a lot of money at mahirap pang humanap ng empleyado na mapagkakatiwalaan mo.

Yung hindi ka kukupitan, lolokohin, at lalayasan.

Fact is, not many Pinoys have P227,000 savings to invest in a franchise business.

On the other hand, I can teach you how to start an Internet business that you can run part-time from home and can give you P60,000, P100,000, or even P1
Million per month of income.

But I will not ask you to invest P227,000 as an enrollment fee.

Not even P150,000, or P50,000.

The investment for PPBM Coaching Program is ONLY P899.

That’s a tiny investment compared to starting a high-risk business like a franchise.

Remember, I’ll train you personally and you will have priority access to me Lifetime.

Plus, you’ll also get access to my Private Mastermind Group on Facebook where you’ll receive a LIFETIME support from our growing community of lifestyle entrepreneurs.

You can enroll today for as low as


Frankly, you can’t find a better deal than what I’m offering you. BUT you have to act now because time is running out…


To Your Info-Product Business Success,

Learn With Clint

Kelvin Clint Quinto

I’m On A Mission To Help 10,000 Filipino Employees Start & Grow An Online Business Through My Trainings & Coaching Programs.

P.S. Go ahead and enroll now. Take this important first step and make money that you deserve.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. You will make money with this. Period.
This works 100% of the time for anyone who follows my simple instructions properly.

Absolutely! I created this unique program to help people like you who are new to online business. And even if you’re not very good in computer, this is the right program for you.
I will teach you step-by-step how to launch an Internet business that can give you extra 60,000 pesos a month or even more. A unique business that will give you money, time, and freedom that you’ve been dreaming of.

Yes. You’ll have a direct contact with me. You can send me emails and ask me anything about selling digital products online.
Lahat ng tanong sa isip mo about this business, you can ask me.
And I’ll give you my expert advice so you can build your Internet business and grow your income fast.
You’ll also have access to our private Facebook group where you can get support and encouragement from me and helpful members.

You just need a computer/mobile device and Internet connection. No need for a video camera or extremely fast Internet.
And you don’t need to travel somewhere else. Attend our training at the comfort of your home or office.

You can pay by Paypal/Credit card/Debit card, Bank transfer/Bank deposit, Remittance center, Gcash/Paymaya.

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